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  1. Pionerr xcl7 stop playing CD. Googling says possibly pea1291 is broken.Can it be repaired?

    • Hi Alexandre,
      The PEA1291 is the laser unit. That one could be broken and could also be replaced. But before doing so you have to make sure it really is the laser unit that is defective.
      First of all start cleaning the laser lens with a cotton swab and a bit of alcohol. Therefore you have to remove the top cover of the unit.
      Second you have to see if the laser is trying to look for the CD you put in. Most CD players will walk through the following steps to start reading the CD (TOC, table of content)
      1. At power on and/or at tray close: Move the laser unit to the beginning of the CD (closest to the spindle motor that rotates the CD). This position is triggered by a tiny switch.
      2. Turn on laser light
      3. Start focussing 3 or 4 times (laser lens will move up and down), some times the laser unit will also move a bit away from the start-position.
      4. When a CD is detected (laser light is reflected from the CD back onto the laser pickup sensor) the spindle motor will start to spin the CD.
      5. The laser will search the CD for a TOC. If that is found, the CD is read. In most cases this will result in the total number of tracks and total CD time being displayed.

      Keep in mind that you really NEVER look straight into the laser lens!! Laser light is very harmful for you eyes and could result in permanent blindness.

      Hope this helps to determine if the laser unit is defective or if there is something else going on.

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