Music Hall Trio CD Receiver: repair & review


There were a few things to fix on this CD Receiver…

  • CD tray won’t open
  • One channel no sound
  • Speaker terminals of output B removed/broken off
  • Source knob is wobbly, shaft could be bent
  • Whatever else happens…

CD Tray won’t open

This one is very obvious for everyone with a bit of experience in audio repair. Just replace the cd-drawer belt with a new one. On to the next issue.

One channel no sound

Although the seller told me that there was no sound on one channel, I did not directly experienced this… More on this later in this post.

Speaker terminals of output B removed/broken off

One picture says more than 1000 words, so…

Where are those terminals gone?

Let’s start with removing that part from the unit.

Luckily after digging around in my used spare parts storage boxes I found something very similar…

Left the “new” (reused) set terminals.

All I had to do is to remove a few extra solder points that connected the screws to the PCB, which wasn’t there in the Music Hall version. Although the terminals were just screwed out of the original and not broken off, I couldn’t just screw a few the other ones in.
I couldn’t remove the red/black screw terminals because the end of the thread were squeezed flat.
Now that’s done, let’s move on to the next issue.

Source knob is wobbly, shaft could be bent

First remove and disassemble the front plate.

Then, remove the display PCB.

There isn’t really anything to do about this other then just replace it… So I ordered a new one and put it in.

Reassemble and test it!

That should be it! I’ve put it all together for a good test.

Let’s test….

Whatever happens next…

During test I discovered that there was a difference in volume between the left and right channel.
I did some further testing and found out that it only happened on the A terminals, not on the B-terminals… So that should be a faulty relay.
The seller told me that there was no sound from one channel, that was probable caused by this very same relay.

This was the culprit, bad contacts on the relay.

Some used to remove the cover of a relay and clean the contacts with contact cleaner or even a piece of sandpaper. In devices like this, I think that shouldn’t be done… for a part that is only a few euros. For relays that are very expensive or not available anymore, it’s another thing.


Ready for another decade of high quality music!

Final thoughts

I still haven made up my mind if I should resell this item or make place on a shelf above my workbench… I think the 22AH209/309 will sell a lot quicker, but will probably require a revision/recap. The Grundig CD-909 will not be sold any time soon! Maybe a good starting point for another project: modifications… 🙂

10 comments on “Music Hall Trio CD Receiver: repair & review

  1. Hello Mark, I have the Music Hall trio and also two problems with it. When a connect 2 pairs of speakers they all play music. There is a klik sound when I push the speaker selector on the remote, the lights go on and/of out but the sound from all the speakers stays. The other issue is the auxiliary input. It makes a sound with distortion. Is there something I can do? Do you know somebody near my home where I can bring the trio for repair? Is it something you can repair? Thanks for your repair review and nice pictures. Kind regards, Ben (Deventer, the Netherlands)

    • Hi Ben,
      Switching between A and B should cut of the sound. It could be a stuck relay. Aux input distortion doesn’t ring a bell at this moment. Will have to look into that.
      I’ll reach out to you by mail regarding repair since I’m also from The Netherlands. 🙂

      Regards, Mark

      • Hi Mark, thanks for your respons. I Wil try another interlink for the auxiliary connection maybe that wil fix the problem. Ik wacht je mailtje af. Groet, Ben

  2. Wonderful review and repair. Great to see you were able to bring it back to life. I have one of these machines, but have recently been experiencing an issue with the volume increasing by itself. Runaway volume gets a little scary. I am just wondering if you might have a little insight into what might cause this issue. Thank You

    • Hi Martin,
      Thanx you very much!
      Volume runaway is in many cases caused by a defect in the rotary encoded. That is the digital volume control knob.
      Sometimes these can be taken apart and cleaned with alcohol/ipa and lubricated again with grease and Kontact 61.
      In other cases that part should be replaced with a new one.

      Hope this helps you in fixing your system.

      Kind regards,

  3. Thanks for the great review, and massive knowledge you shared. That said, i bought one of these with a drive that need to be replaced, due to the ribbon cable being detached from the board. It doesn’t look like it a be attached. Do you know what drive would work in it.

    • Hi Tony,
      The cd drive is based on the Philips CDM12.2 (VAM1202) laser assembly. If the ribbon cable or the connector on the main board is broken, that can probably replaced without replacing the laser assembly. I don’t know how the laser assembly or in case there is a PCB under the transport that handles cd operation, is connected to the main board. I would assume that it’s all connected using pretty common available connectors and/or cables.

      Hope this helps!

      Kind regards,

  4. Mark,
    Just looking to see if you will be selling the trio? Prepaid and shipping is not a problem as I purchase Audio and Bicycles worldwide.
    Where are you located
    Mark Mancinelli in GA USA

    • Hi Mark,
      I’m sorry but the trio is not for sale. I’ve been using it on my workbench ever since. Great sound and small in size. 🙂

      Kind regards,
      Mark from The Netherlands

  5. Good morning.
    Very good report and explanation.
    There is one to sell here in Portugal…
    Best regards and go on with spectacular work and repairings.

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