Music Hall Trio CD Receiver: repair & review

Build quality and use of components

My first impression is very good, much higher quality than I would have expected from such an entry type all-in-one. Lets take a closer look:

No budget cuts on the netfilter.
A reasonably sized toroidal transformer.
Double power supply design, presumably both channels have their own rectifier and filter caps.
Traditionally build stereo amplifier.
multi turn potentiometers for adjustments (presumably idle current & DC offset)

I wasn’t able to get my hands on a service manual or schematics, so I wasn’t able to readjust these multi turn potentiometers.

A lot of relays at the input stage.
Philips VAM1202 (CDM12.2) transport. Not the best there is, but those are all plastic these days.

All in all a very impressive design and use of expensive components. On the other hand, this device was sold for EUR 1300, back in 2007. Then again, you get three devices in one!

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