Music Hall Trio CD Receiver: repair & review

This time on my workbench is a CD Receiver of the brand Music Hall.

Music Hall produces HiFi / High-End-ish audio gear. For those who do not want a huge stack of separate devices, Music Hall introduced this entry level All-In-One CD-player, Tuner and Amplifier back in 2007.

I came across this device on a second hand trading website. I have had heard of Music Hall before and I new they make quite well build devices. So that would be a nice way to take a closer look and have it restored. I haven’t decided yet if this all-in-one will stay on my workbench shelf for testing purposes and replace the Philips 22AH209/309 combi and Grundig CD-909 or that I will sell it again.

Lets start with a first impression:

Black case with a thick aluminium front.
A three-in-one… hence the name “trio cd receiver”, I would say 🙂
Inside the Music Hall

5 comments on “Music Hall Trio CD Receiver: repair & review

  1. Thanks for the great review, and massive knowledge you shared. That said, i bought one of these with a drive that need to be replaced, due to the ribbon cable being detached from the board. It doesn’t look like it a be attached. Do you know what drive would work in it.

    • Hi Tony,
      The cd drive is based on the Philips CDM12.2 (VAM1202) laser assembly. If the ribbon cable or the connector on the main board is broken, that can probably replaced without replacing the laser assembly. I don’t know how the laser assembly or in case there is a PCB under the transport that handles cd operation, is connected to the main board. I would assume that it’s all connected using pretty common available connectors and/or cables.

      Hope this helps!

      Kind regards,

  2. Mark,
    Just looking to see if you will be selling the trio? Prepaid and shipping is not a problem as I purchase Audio and Bicycles worldwide.
    Where are you located
    Mark Mancinelli in GA USA

    • Hi Mark,
      I’m sorry but the trio is not for sale. I’ve been using it on my workbench ever since. Great sound and small in size. 🙂

      Kind regards,
      Mark from The Netherlands

  3. Good morning.
    Very good report and explanation.
    There is one to sell here in Portugal…
    Best regards and go on with spectacular work and repairings.

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