MHZS CD33F Modified Tube CD-player (recap/remod)

Recently I’ve bought myself a Chinese MHZS CD33F tube CD-player which was in working condition, except for the remote. The remote was already taken apart and the CD-player itself had already been modified by the previous owner. This modification was based on several articles found on the internet.

What he intended to do was the following (if I can recall it all):

  • Replaced the output electrolytic capacitors with 10uF ClarityCap film capacitors
  • Remove the opamp and bypassed it
  • Removed the electrolytic capacitors in the audio path between DAC and opamp/tubes.
  • Removed blue LEDs underneath the tubes
  • Changed a few resistors to compensate for the absense of the opamp

Despite his pretty low level of knowledge and skills he actually did manage to modify the CD-player and it was working! Unfortunately it was not the best attempt of modifying a CD-player, that I will show you further on this page.

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