NAD L70: A hum in the output

The first thing I always say when an audio device is giving a low frequency hum: “Bad caps!”. The NAD L70 DVD-receiver was no exception in this. 🙂

After taking the lid of the enclosure, the cause of the hum was very obvious:

Bad and bulgy electrolytic capacitors.

Lets take a closer look, now you can see they have expanded quite a bit. The brown fluid on the circuit board is not from the caps, its just glue:

Just to be sure, I replaced them all with good caps:

After testing the hum was gone, but unfortunately the CD/DVD player was not in a very good condition. What it needed was a new laser unit.
I ordered one from aliexpress and after quite a while (because of a mistake of the local postal office in The Netherlands who did not notify me of the package and returned it after three weeks) I finally got a new laser unit and the NAD L70 was as good as new again!